Dance and Sensuality

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Dance and Sensuality

Pizzica is an ancient dance of Salento more sensual than tango. Local people love this courtship dance and during the summer it is possible to find a Pizzica event in the main squares almost every single night. The dance, called Taranta, is reserved to the femal dancers and makes them feel free from tensions and inner conflicts. Men can learn how to dance the ‘Dance of the swords ‘.

With a minimum stay of three days, guests can enjoy “Taranta and Pizzica” private lessons  given by an experienced dance teacher. And then, in the evening let loose among the lights and dancers in the crowded and cheerful squares of the villages of Salento.

The package includes: 2 “Pizzica” classes, 1 half day excursion to Galatina, where the “pizzicate” (girls who had been bitten by the spider) were brought.